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RRIsis is an advanced ship monitoring system that helps you gain insight in your ships performance, 24/7, all around the globe. Our system enables you to collect the data you need for making smart decisions about your ship or fleet. With this intelligence you will be able to increase efficiency, reduce the fuel bill and emissions.

Also, the system will improve collaboration between ship and shore and reduces the workload of ships crew. Instead of spending valuable time on collecting data, for example data needed to comply with the new European Measurement Reporting Verification (MRV) system, your crew can now focus on other important things in their job.

RRIsis is an agile system that is able to rapidly adopt new technologies and can easily be adjusted and customized to individual needs. RRIsis was founded in 2012. From an office in Groningen, the experienced team of RRIsis can serve ship owners from all over the world. Meet our team:

Rene Ratering

Founder & owner

René Ratering is the founder and owner of RRIsis. He graduated as BSc Dredging Technology and Project Management at Hanze Hogeschool Groningen and obtained experience as project manager and project engineer. René always knew he wanted to start running his own business and in 2006 he felt the time was right. In that year he founded R.R. Maritime Engineering, an engineering company for the maritime industry. From the idea of getting more insights into a ships performance the idea for a ship monitoring system was born and a new company ‘RRIsis’ was founded.

René thinks collecting data and using it to make smart decisions will mean a great change for the shipping industry. Helping ship owners become more competitive, integrating new technologies and being able to influence business models are René’s biggest motivators in the development of his software system. New technologies and possibilities arise so fast that change is the only constant factor in the industry. With RRIsis René and his team created an agile system, which enables them to rapidly adopt and implement new technologies. At RRIsis, René is the one with the most creative and innovative ideas. When he is not working, he can be found on the water, on his sailboat.

Harald Rugebregt

Project Manager

Harald Rugebregt graduated as MSc Maritime Technology at the Technical University of Delft. After his education, he worked as project manager, contractor and naval architect/mechanical engineer in the field of maritime engineering.

It was because of love that he left the urban agglomeration and started working in the Northern Netherlands. At Seatrade, he met Rene Ratering. Rene, always full of ideas, and Harald, always looking for new challenges and problems to solve, combined forces and started working together at R.R. Maritime Engineering and RRIsis.

With his experience varying from system knowledge to vessel performance analyses, Harald can be seen as the technical conscious of RRIsis. Always trying to find out how a system works and how to improve performance. When he is not at work, you can find him on his Topper Topaz, where he is teaching his children how to sail a small ship on their own.

Barteld Jan Bosman

Senior front-end and backend developer

Barteld Jan Bosman is our passionate senior front-end and backend developer with a keen eye for detail. After studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Delft he specialized in C#, VB.Net, Sql-Server, ASP.Net, CSS, HTML, CRM Systems and data quality. After a couple of years at PAC (today: Imtech IT), right in the peak of the .com crisis, he decided it was time to start running his own business and started working as an independent consultant.

A freelance job that was supposed to last an afternoon became a partnership in RRIsis. At RRIsis, Barteld is responsible for the technical architecture. What inspires him the most is working on IT projects where you are very close to the actual work process. At RRIsis this, for example, means gaining information and insights that ship owners can immediately use to their advantage. Being so close to the work process makes you realize the impact your work has. Barteld has been working at RRIsis since 2012. The nautical sector is not entirely new to him: in his free time he likes to spend time on his Van de Stadt dertigvoeter.

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