what data can be acquired

All data you consider relevant – for example fuel consumption, engine data, emissions, speed, tank volumes, weather etc. – can be acquired without affecting your operations. No modifications to systems on-board are necessary.

data transmission

It is a lot of data, will my bundle get overloaded? The data is handled in a smart way to minimize the transmission costs. Only compressed raw data is transmitted to shore at defined time intervals.

data security

Will my data be visible to my competitors, or suppliers? It is your data. Your data is not available to others and will not be sold to others. Only you decide who has access to your data. Data transmission is protected with encryption keeping it safe.

how many licences are included

How many licenses are available and for what operating systems? You do not need a license, you do not need to install anything, and yes it works on all operating systems including for mobile devices. You only need Internet access.


From 1st January 2013, the shipping industry has to comply with IMO regulations covering the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan. Yes! RRIsis is SEEMP ready.

customized information

The operations department should see other data than the technical department, and not everyone should see the same vessels. Of course, no problem. You can even hand out passwords to clients, for example to monitor their cargo status or expected ETA.

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