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How RRIsis works

Step 1: Intake, collect data

Technically, with RRIsis we are able to measure over a hundred things, but finding out what information is important for your business for us is key. During our first meeting, we will create an overview of what you would like to measure and log and how you like your information displayed.
The RRIsis data collector will be installed on-board your vessel and connects directly to your systems. The secure RRIsis web based application collects operational data from our on-board data collector and delivers the results into the RRIsis interface.

Step 2: Visualize results

Depending on the solution of your choice, the RRIsis interface consists of four components: graphs, competition, maps and analytics.

These elements enable you to monitor various on-board systems and implement corrective measures if necessary, from your office or any other place in the world.

The system provides you with real time and 24/7 insights, and delivers KPI”s, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time on any device.

Step 3: Improve performance!

With your fleet’s performance at your fingertips, you will be able to improve your overall ship or fleet performance.

Increasing efficiency, reducing the fuel bill and emissions, improving collaboration between ship and shore and reducing the workload of a ships crew are just a few of the advantages of using RRIsis.

Find out more about our different solutions and become more competitive with RRIsis.

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