MS Ostfriesland

Mariko chooses RRIsis for MS Ostfiesland

Last June, Maritime Competence Centre Mariko commissioned RRIsis to install and implement her Intelligence Ship Information System on board of the MS Ostfriesland. With this system, the MS Ostfriesland will be able to monitor and improve fleets performance 24/7.

The very first LNG ferry in Germany
The Emden Borkum ferry MS Ostfriesland is the very first LNG (liquefied natural gas) ferry in Germany. Shipping company AG EMS had the ship converted from a conventional marine diesel ship into a more environmentally friendly LNG ship. Last June the ferry returned to the harbor, after a period of nine months, to continue its ferry service from Emden to Borkum and back.

RRIsis Intelligence Ship Information System
With the implementation of RRIsis Intelligence Ship Information System, the MS Ostfriesland will be able to be even more energy efficient. With this system, the German ferry will be able to monitor and improve its performance. The ship monitoring system enables users to monitor the position of their ship and how it performs, 24/7. This information helps them make intelligent decisions, increase efficiency, reduce the fuel bill and emissions. The implementation of the system is planned for the end of this year or beginning of next year.