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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

This fall, RRIsis will launch a new feature to its ship monitoring system called ‘analytics’. This feature enables ship owners and (technical) ship managers to make smart decisions about their ship or fleet, based on reliable performance data. After all: you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Big data helps ship owners and managers gain insight into their ships’ performance. With RRIsis, they can monitor the position of their ships and how they perform, 24/7, all around the globe. This information helps them to increase efficiency, reduce the fuel bill and emissions.

With the brand new analytics feature, users gain access to a customizable dashboard and reports. The new feature also contains scheduled reporting. René Ratering, CEO of RRIsis, expects that scheduled reporting will significantly reduce the workload of ships crew. Instead of spending valuable time on collecting data, for example data needed to comply with the new European Measurement Reporting Verification (MRV) system, they can now focus on other important things in their job.

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